There’s a Better Way to Clean up Your Mess

RamSorb is the premier oil absorbent product on the market today. It's light-weight, non-toxic, 100% cellulose and easy to use.

RamSorb picks up hydrocarbons from soil or solid surfaces and is harmless to plant and animal life. It is extremely efficient for spills on soil because it absorbs and encapsulates any liquid hydrocarbons and will not allow it to leach back into the soil.

RamSorb can also be used to bioremediate oil-soaked ground by simply raking or tilling the product into the soil.

100% cellulose and non-abrasive

10 times more absorbent than traditional clay products

Reduces or eliminates disposal costs

Contains natural bacteria that degrade petroleum hydrocarbons

Encapsulates hydrocarbons and prevents leaching

Cleans contaminated soil by bioremediation

Absorbs up to 6 times its own weight in oil